Cons of the new Macbook Pros

Recently on one of my trips abroad I managed to pass by several apple stores at the airport. My stand, up until now on macbooks had been that they are beautiful but overpriced for what they offer. That is, unless you prefer apples Operating System over Microsoft’s.

Due to my customers increasingly having Macbooks. I decided it was time to purchase one so that I can become completely comfortable with operating OS X as I am with Windows.

I had a look at some shops in Singapore and finally decide to pick up a macbook pro 13 inch from the Singapore airport. This ended up costing me $1800(after paying tax) instead of the retail in New Zealand of $1999.

The main difference I noticed form my 3 year old, but heavily upgraded Acer timeline laptop was that the screen was more vibrant and sharper. I started to dig deeper into the hardware of the laptop to see what is up gradable.

One of the benefits of doing upgrades on laptops is that certain technologies become much cheaper over the 3 to 5 year lifespan of a laptop. For example, my Acer Timeline came with a standard SATA hard drive and 2 GB of ram. I managed to upgrade the hard drive to a 1 TB Hybrid drive, and the RAM to 6 GB. This in itself changed the performance of the laptop drastically and meant it could have been used for several years more. When the laptop was manufactured this type of drive was not in existence or extremely expensive.

I had a look at the possibility of doing something similar with my new Macbook Pro down the road. This is where the laptop looses major points, it’s one of the least repairable and modifiable laptop on the market. The RAM is soldered onto the motherboard, the battery is glued into the case and the hard drive is not a conventional SATA SSD. This means upgrades and repairs are very expensive. In the long term I don’t see this as being a laptop that will last as long as previous Mac laptops have lasted. ¬†When something does go wrong, it won’t be worth fixing the machine, when it’s not under warranty.

Abhinav, Technician.