Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I need to pay for the work?

If no parts are required, you are required to pay after the work has been completed.

If parts are required we may take payment for the part before ordering it.

Payments are accepted by eftpos, cash, credit card, and bank transfer.


What is the cost to fix a broken screen on a laptop?

Depending on the type of laptop, it ranges between $230-$350.


Can we bring the computer to you?

We work out of a home office to keep overheads low. You may drop off the machine to our residence, however, the costs do not differ from when a technician picks up the machine.


How fast can we expect a technician once we call you?

Depending on availability, a technician will be available the same day.


What are the charges for weekend work?

We have a flat rate of $65 an hour which applies also applies to weekends.


How can we trust you with our computer and sensitive information?

All our technicians are New Zealand degree qualified and have several years experience in the industry. The company has been registered since 2010.


Do you charge for travelling to a customer’s home or office?

There is a flat charge of $10, which includes a pick up and return. If you are not available at return after providing a time this would be charged again.

Do you provide the cheapest computer repairs?

Our aim is to provide value for money rather than the cheapest rates possible. With our service you won’t be left waiting in a queue to have your computer looked at. You can have the repair completed at your convenience and even have the computer picked up when it suits you.


We work on by appointment so you get face to face time with the technician repairing your computer, answering any questions you may have. You will be consulted every step of the way through the repair.


We will take utmost care with your equipment and we aim to provide a good quality service rather than to have a high turnaround of computers. The service is best suited for busy professionals.


Is it cheaper to have a computer assembled by you than to get one at a retail store?

It’s generally cheaper and you end up with a machine that is more tailored to your needs. You may have your data transferred to the new machine which would make the transition smoother. The new machine can also be set up with all the programs that were on your old machine.