Computer repair Service with a difference!

With so many computer support companies to choose from you may be wondering what I can provide that's different.

Here's why you should choose The PC Guru:

  • No waiting - There's no waiting in line to get served. You can expect to be in and out like at a McDonalds.
  • Communication - You will be consulted throughout the process and receive timely updates on the repair. 
  • Expectation - We won't try to attract you with low pricing only to find out the final bill is more than expected.
  • Availability - We are available on the weekends and evenings.
  • Convenience - You may have your computer picked up/dropped off for only $10 extra- very convenient!
  • Skills - Technicians have a minimum of a degree from New Zealand.
  • City Fringe Location - There's no trouble parking, or being stuck in heavy traffic.
  • All about Service - Our core focus is to provide a convenient, reliable service. It's stressful when your computer doesn't work so we aim to reduce that stress with good quality service.