Overheating Laptop? Act Quickly

Overheating laptops are quite common and it’s also quite dangerous. We have fixed several models of laptops and desktops with this issue and are very experienced in this regard.

My laptop is overheating, what now?

  • Do not keep using the laptop and testing your luck. Would you keep running your car if it was overheating and coolant was blowing everywhere? The best thing to do it switch it off
  • Switch it off by force if you have to
  • The longer a computer is used in a overheating state the longer it’s at risk of permanent damage to the motherboard
  • If the computer is shutting down after being used for a few minutes, chances are it’s overheating.
  • Using a cooling pad or external cooling does not address the core issue the laptop is having. It only addresses the symptoms. Contact The PC Guru to have the cooling system serviced.

How will you fix this problem? Why should we choose you

  • We are very experienced in resolving this issue
  • It’s risky to attempt it yourself as the electronics are delicate and require some experience to handle
  • We will remove any dust in the system, apply new thermal paste and also lubricate the fan, if required
  • the fan of the laptop may require replacement in some instances