Simple, cost effective pricing

Travel charge of $10 - including pickup/return or onsite visit.


On-Site Repair


per hour

Technician travels to your home with tools



Off-Site Work


per hour 

 Laptop/PC picked up for repair

Minimum charge is for one hour

Eftpos and Credit Card payment available - Mobile Eftpos

Service DescriptionPrice(from)
Broadband SetupConnect broadband router, configure up to 3 computers to share connection, and setup wifi security$80
New PC Setup Setup a new computer, connect to internet, copy data from old computer to new computer, reinstall software into new computer(provided you have the CDs and licence keys)$160
Setup new printer, scanner, digital camera, or web-camconnect to PC, install drivers, and test$80
Install RAM, Video Card or DVD DriveInstallation of new DVD drive, RAM module, or video card$65
Reinstall Operating System( Windows or Linux)Have your computer back to what it was like new.$130
Virus RemovalAll malware and viruses removed from the computer$99
laptop overheating issue. Laptop shuts down automatically after running hot.Service of cooling system to prolong life of laptop and resolve overheating issue$130