Virus and Spyware removal

Spyware nowadays has become more stealthy and sophisticated. In many cases it can come bundled with software that you have downloaded and installed. We use our computers for anything form chatting to friends to doing our online banking. The latter will pose more a risk with a computer infected with several viruses, malware and spyware. As well as posing a security risk, excessive spyware will slow down your computer as it uses up the hardware resources for it’s own malicious purposes.


The PC Guru team are highly skilled in removing viruses, pop-ups, spyware, adware, rootkits, bootkits, malware, randon-ware for computers.


Why choose us for Virus removal

  • Same day service – the experts come to your home or office
  • Onsite appointments that suit your busy lifestyle – Weekdays, afterhours and weekends
  • Proven track record – Over 7 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers!
  • Local service – We have local technicians who can reach you quickly!

Symptoms of Virus Infection

  • System becomes slow and unresponsive
  • Unknown programs or applications starting during start up
  • Anti-virus program has stopped working
  • Can’t install new anti-virus
  • Operating system repeatedly restarts
  • Computer memory errors
  • Pop-up adds appear and you can’t stop them
  • Pop-up screens on the computer demanding payments

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms

Your computer may be infected by a virus. It’s essential to keep your computer secure and virus free. Contact The PC Guru on 022 136 6315 and 04 210 1656.